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6 May 2021 - 7 May 2021
EU Judicial training 2021

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Meeting Etiquette

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Information kit for participants

In COVID-19 times, many physical meetings have been replaced by videoconferences.

Videoconferences might at first hand seem as straight forward as sitting in front of a camera or a computer and talking, but they require a certain preparation and equipment for successful communication.

In order for your Delegation to get the best possible experience in your upcoming bilateral meeting and for your Delegation’s messages to be conveyed in a clear and understandable way for all participants, please consider the following tips:

  • please, broadcast from a computer or device connected to the internet via an Ethernet cable. Should this not be possible, make sure that the wifi signal you are using is strong and stable.

  • For an optimal audio connection, use a unidirectional table microphone or wear a wired computer headset with a built-in microphone. Using the correct microphone is the only way to ensure that your intervention is properly heard and understood by all participants including your interpreters. Please avoid using the microphone embedded in your computer or hand-held device as well as room (collective) microphones, since they pick up a lot of ambient noise. Avoid smartphone-style headsets with microphone. If sharing a room, ideally participants should each have their own dedicated microphone.

  • Make sure your microphone is muted at all times when not taking the floor.

  • Please, do not read out statements at great speed. Make pauses and enunciate key elements clearly. If possible, please send any speaking notes or written statements to your interpreters in advance to scic-agenda@ec.europa.eu

  • Please, do not broadcast from a room that is too large or too scarcely furnished, since this will create a cavernous echo that is easily picked up by some microphones.

May we suggest that you please watch the following video, with some best practices for videoconferences, in order to properly prepare for your meeting: 

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SCIC Guidelines for participants at enhanced videoconferences

Thank you for your kind cooperation!